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About Us

Competition is either a game of inches, or it isn't competition.

If you wanted to put together the "best ever" baseball team, you probably would want Ted Williams on it. After all, he was the last man to carry a batting average above .400 for an entire season. Williams was great, because he never quit studying his swing, and working on ways to perfect it. You couldn't have the "best" team, without arguably the "best" hitter of all time.

The same principle is why Adhesive R&D "signed" Dr. Gerhardt P. Werber, after we incorporated in 2002 , with the goal of becoming the best. Dr. Werber came out of retirement to accept the challenge of developing a high performing line of anaerobic and structural adhesives for Adhesive R&D, and assist in their manufacture.

Dr. Gerhardt WerberHis current string of 6 US Patents makes him the Ted Williams of our industry, except he's still playing. US Patent number seven is pending, with eight and nine to surely follow. You see, just like Ted Williams continued to try and perfect his "swing" throughout his career, Dr. Werber continues to improve the technology base of Adhesive R&D with innovating ideas, and creativity in adhesive chemistries.

With his thorough knowledge and involvement in the art, Dr. Werber built our technology from the ground up. Product by product, he selected the best monomers, oligomers, and plasticizers for the desired performance, and joined them with a mission specific cure system.

Having created and tested over six thousand experimental formulas since incorporation, Adhesive R&D has accumulated a huge knowledge base of proprietary technology to draw on, enabling Adhesive R&D to provide custom tailored engineered solutions. Our higher performing product platform allows great flexibility to private labelers, whether they are seeking "exact copy" or are ready to provide their customers with a new and improved high performance version.