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Mil-Specs can be confusing. In the area of anaerobic adhesives, they can down right confound you. Where do I get a copy of one, and where do I find an adhesive that meets it? At Adhesive R&D we can sell you adhesives that meet the Mil-Spec, help you classify products and even write your own exacting standard.

There were three specifications written dealing exclusively with anaerobic adhesives. Written in the sixties, the Mil-Spec's were the standard for manufacturing everything military that flew, floated, or drove across land. If the specification was good enough to satisfy the quality standards for military equipment used in life and death struggles, some companies reasoned, then it was good enough to use as their standard to make products for non-military customers. These companies and many others adopted the specification as their own.

Manufacturers of anaerobic adhesives also coalesced around the criteria of the specification, and most company's attempted producing a line of products which met the different performance criteria. Since many of the larger users of these products did government contracting, it became necessary to meet the standard, as it would be called out on the mechanical drawings, and failure to comply meant failure to compete.

Most of our competitors have moved away from the Mil-Specs in favor of ASTM D5363. Unfortunately, the standard has been relaxed and the criteria today are less exacting than the original Mil-Specs.

At Adhesive R&D we embrace MIL-S-46163, MIL-R-46082B, and MIL-S-22473E. These three Mil-Spec's represent the most stringent specifications ever written for anaerobic adhesives. Tighter standards mean less variability in the adhesives that are holding your products together. An Adhesive R&D engineer is standing by to help you get started, so give us a call today.