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M300 is a high performance two part methacrylate adhesive engineered to bond a wide range of plastics, metals, and composite assemblies.

RubberMAX Thread Devil

This fast curing, thixotropic threadlocker and sealant, reliable replaces old legacy red threadlockers with a strong flexible sealant. Thread Devil is ready for service in 15 minutes.

Hydraulic Beast™

Slightly stronger than a traditional anaerobic pipe sealant, Hydraulic Beast™ replaces legacy brown hydraulic and pneumatic sealants, with a flexible durometer rapidly curing polymer.

eXtend Cure System™

The latest generation of stability, speed, and ideal cure, the eXtend Cure System™ brings value by reducing logistical stress and increases user satisfaction.

Black Widow

Adhesive R&D used premium high purity ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate, and blended it with a rubber toughening polymer to create our Black Widow high performance cyanoacrylate.

Food Shield

This product is suitable for use as a lubricant with incidental food contact in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. With corrosion resistance up to 2100°F, Food Shield™ prevents galling on threaded and metal wear surfaces, and aids assembly, especially on stainless steel parts.

Ultra Shield

Crafted by blending copper flake, aluminum, zinc and graphite into a high quality soap thicken lithium complex grease, Ultra Shield™ is extremely resistant to corrosion.

Nickel Guard Premium

Nickel, aluminum, and graphite are blended into a high performance lithium complex grease, providing protection up 2600°F. Nickel Guard Premium is the preferred product when working with high alloy steels, or very dissimilar metals.

iPipe™ 450™

iPipe™ 450™ represents our newest flexible monomer system, and is a highly engineered solution to assembling, sealing, and disassembling pipe fittings. It provides lubrication for assembly, and an instant seal on most NPT fittings.

Fast Curing

Fast Curing (Flx 133) is a black heavy body silicone adhesive.